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Jan 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
the question, how many of you are going to vote for the debt ceiling? and only three or four of them raised their hands. and i said, if you vote for the debt ceiling, the people who put you in office are going to knock you out. >> if you vote for the debt ceiling, you're voting for your own death certificate, political death certificate. >> narrator: for his part, the president decided to try something new: personal politics. he figured he could connect to the republican leader, john boehner. >> obama told his staff, john boehner is a country club republican, a golf-playing, cigarette smoking deal-maker. >> narrator: the president invited boehner to play golf with him at andrews air force base. >> and afterward, they go back to the clubhouse, and they're having a drink; there's a photo op. and it's at that point when boehner says to the president, "hey, you know, on this debt ceiling stuff, we ought to do something big." >> narrator: on and off for weeks, obama and boehner met in secret. >> boehner calls these "the nicorettes and merlot sessions." the president is having iced tea and chewin
FOX Business
Jan 16, 2013 4:00pm EST
ago and three years ago. and that is just wrong. now it used to be harmless in that the debt ceiling would be raised with a little demagoguing here and there but no one ever seriously suggested not raising it. it was raised seven tiles during the second bush administration with no great debate. but now it is being used as blackmail and could wreck the entire american economy if we don't --. david: hold on a second, congressman. 2002, june 2002 two, in november, 2004 and november 2006, guess who voted against raising the debt ceiling. jerry nadler, member of congress. what has changed. why were you against, in favor of keeping debt ceiling restraint then and not so now. >> it because it was meaningless gesture frankly. when you had a republican president and republican congress minority demagogued and said we'll vote against it knowing perfectly well it would pass. no one ever seriously tried to have it not pass. and when ever, we were in the majority, we, democrats we passed it, even in the bush administration. because you knew it had to pass. now i don't, i'm not trying to make any
Jan 16, 2013 6:00pm EST
and the sequester debt ceiling argument. two big bad events, only one more station on the gauntlet. it simply isn't as scary or meaningful as when it comes to the stock market or new business formation. sorry, it won't sell as many parents, and it just won't. smart investors are making a bet they can't wait for the third of the three washington incursions to be finished. once a big bad event is passed, the rick of responding floods in. now we're about to finish the third leg of the political steeplechase, and we will be given a level of certainty. you want to wait for those people to come in? it could be investing nirvana, a guy in brooklyn, cramer, smart guy. scared us with the election, scared us with the fiscal cliff and now scaring us with the debt ceiling. what are you going to scare us with about washington after that's over and you faked everyone out and got them to sell? i rolled my eyes, i defended myself, saying all three of threes issues are and are worthy of worry and i told people to stay the course, like he could care. he said, again, what washington horror story are you going to gi
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm EST
. >> settling a debt ceiling issue is in the interest of the president and of our country. you have today fitch came out and threatened to decrease the credit rating and they are doing it in a way that areckless because you have outside observers looking at us and i want to highlight a point you made earlier which is the fact that all spending bills are in the constitution. we are looking at a credit card bill that this country has to pay that was in cured by congress by authorizing this spending. >> but peter, you are going to get a budget out of that house. they are late, but i believe they will. it is the senate that hasn't delivered a budge it in years. this is not just about the here and now. this is forward spending. forward spending needs a road map and the taxpayers have a right to know. >> yeah, i think it is pretty rich to call republican ares reckless spepder e spenders her. when president obama was asked to vote on a hike in 2006, the fact that we are raising the debt limit is a result of reckless fiscal policies and that is what president obama says. >> but didn't it explode under
Jan 16, 2013 6:00am EST
. will they lose the debt ceiling, too, will they force the issue or run scared because public opinion is not on their side? >> i think there are really three teams in washington. people on the left that include the president. people on the right, people who voted against boehner's plan b and people who want a deal done. i think in the end, people who want a deal done will prevail. maybe at the last hour or three hours after the last hour, we don't know. it was quite obvious the president was trying to blow up the deal on december 31st, while biden and mcconnell were out there negotiating, the president had a pep rally in the east room in which he directly attacked both the congress and the republicans, people trying to do the deal. any who's done any negotiations know what you should have done is praise the process, not attack the people in the middle of the process. i don't think the president liked that deal, i don't think he wanted a deal. i think he'd rather have the issue and i think in this case, he'd also rather have the issue. it will be very very hard to get a serious deal do
FOX Business
Jan 16, 2013 1:00pm EST
action. >> republicans argue washington has linked several increase in the debt ceiling to deficit reduction deals. it serves as reminder how much the government has borrowed. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell writes, over the past three decades in fact u.s. presidents and lawmakers from both parties routinely used the debt limit debate to reform government spending. washington democrats under pressure from their favored interest groups continue to adhere to an outdated ideology that says every penny of revenue washington ever got its hands on is sacrosanct. house republicans are enroute to williamsburg, virginia for their retreat. they will consider the options for the upcoming debt ceiling fight. short term increase with modest spending cuts to a 4-year increase including overhaul of the tax code and entitlement programs. back to you. tracy: sound ambitious. rich edson, glad you could stick around and talk to us. we're 29 days away from the debt ceiling d-day. ashley: we are. tracy: will be valentine's day actually. ashley: not pretty though. as you just said, tracy, less th
Jan 16, 2013 4:00am PST
the nation's debt ceiling and debate in washington on wall street the dow finished the day up 27.1300535. nasdaq fell 6. it was dragged down by more apple lost as closing at 3001 team. the s&p 500 rose a point to 1472. >> facebook dixit announcement is revealed. a new search feature makes it possible for you to give revealing information about a facebook nation. enhanced search of bill because graf search allowing you to search the site for information facebook for is a share including restaurants and local places they visited. >> for now there is no mobile version. it will be available to a limited number of users here in the u.s.. >> my space has opened up a completely redesigned web site. the new version has been available for some time as a beta. only users who requested early assets have been given permission to create an account and use the new features. the redesign is focused around following specific artist and consuming their content such as music, films, and photograph. >> the next party could be catered by chipotle in the december based chain will offer catering servi
Jan 16, 2013 9:00am EST
of the government, about the size of the deficit, and a lot of back and forth over these three issues. i think i just want, without going into all the different ramifications, i want to say one word about the debt ceiling, which is that not everybody understand what the debt ceiling is about. the debt ceiling, raising the debt ceiling, which congress has to do periodically, gives the government the ability to pay existing bills. it doesn't create new deficits. it doesn't create new spending. so not raising the debt ceiling is sort of like a family, which is trying to improve its credit rating sank i know how we can save money, we won't pay off credit card bills. not the most effective way to improve your credit rating. it was the very slow solution to the debt ceiling in august 2011 i got the u.s. downgraded last time. so it's very, very important that all these issues are important but it's very, very important that congress take necessary action to raise the debt ceiling to avoid a situation where our government doesn't pay its bills. >> a number of people have expressed concern about how much
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)